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The Australian 12 Year's Futsal Team travels to Malaysia in June and November each year.  The June tour is selected from the National School Futsal Championships, with the November tour selected from the National Club Futsal Championships.

Tours have been going to Malaysia for several years now.  The teams take part in extensive training and games, as they travel down the Sarawak coast from Miri to Kuching.  The tour culminates in the MPR Junior Futsal Cup.

For more information on the tour, please email jodie@australianfutsal.com

2014 - 12 Year Boy's Australian Teams

Jacob Braddy, Declan Annear, Keegan Hughes, Ahmad Taleb, Ivan Sunjic, Luca Doorbar-Baptist, Lachlan Livingstone, Declan Dumville, Aled Siever, Patrick Fiyalko, Harry Eland, Jacob Maniti, Harrison Steele, Harry Sharp, Jack Barr, Ethan Hart, Thomas St Clair, Ethan Kennedy, Braith Reay, Jarvis Dennes, Samuel Rutherford, Benjamin Tapsell, Jayden Anevski, Marcus Sparacino.

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