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The Australian 13 Years Boys and Girls Futsal Teams travel to Barcelona, Spain. 

Australia Futsal Association sends two tours each year.  The first semester tour is for the Australian Team selected from the National School Championships, whereas the second semester tour is for the Australian Team selected from the National Club Championships.

Spain is a powerhouse for Futsal with it's National Team boasting six UEFA Futsal Championships, and two consecutive championships at the Futsal World Championships.  Spain currently has several divisions of professional futsal leagues.

AFA has sent tours to Barcelona for the last 5 years.  Teams compete against representative teams from Catalonia.  On these tours Australian teams also receive training from Spanish coaches and Australian coaches to help improve their skills, game play, team work and futsal knowledge.

Outside of very competitive games and extensive training, tour members get to experience events such as attending professional Futsal and Football Matches, and visiting FC Barcelona's Camp Nou Stadium.

The tour also boasts plenty of sightseeing and valuable cultural experiences leaving you with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

For more information on the tour please email jodie@australianfutsal.com

2014 - October/November Tour

13 BOYS TEAM - Patrick Millard, Zac Zagon, Zachariah Goodwin, Harley Brown, Joseph Lopez, Blake Pyne, Tyler Mapri, Oliver Vanderslot, Kyle Bell, Corey Holloway, Nathan Woodward, Ben Allen

13 GIRLS TEAM - Santina Wang, India Kubin, Ellie Hampson, Abigail Thompson, Gabriella Bogdanek, Indyana Langham, Tyler Potts, Teisha McKenzie

15 GIRLS TEAM - Katelyn James, Brianna-Rose Oliverio, Caitlin Bass, Summar Richardson-Muller, Angela West, Melinda Bacic, Elisabeth Dodds, Madison Warren, Darcie Bell