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Policies and Forms

Connected to this page are important Insurance and Refund information that you should review.

To receive a Insurance Claim form contact Ian West on 07 3270 2777 or email ianw@australianfutsal.com

At time of injury report your injury to the club night manager.

To make a claim all injuries must be treated by a doctor or attend a hospital.

Please Click here to download the Player Injury Summary Policy Wording

A full copy is available by request, email to Ian West  ianw@australianfutsal.com

If you have any queries please call Ian West 07 32702777

ALL injured players must seek medical advice and review of the injury from a medical practitioner PRIOR to having treatments such as physiotherapy, x-rays etc for the said injury.

EG: GP or treating doctor in an emergency department – please note a first aid officer  is not a legally qualified and registered medical practitioner and cannot prescribe or recommend treatment required for the injury this must be done by a medical practitioner to meet the policy guidelines.

With regards to the Non-Medicare Medical Expenses cover provided by the policy,  Any procedures or treatment that have a Medicare item number attached do not fall under this category even if a Medicare rebate was not paid.


MRI – a Medicare item number is attached to this procedure without a Medicare rebate being paid – no reimbursement due to the Medicare item number being attached. 

The following are important definitions under the policy definitions where policy cover will and won’t respond:

Non-Medicare Medical Expenses

We will pay the reasonable Medical Expenses of an Insured Person which arise from an Injury covered by this Policy.

We will not pay:

a) for Medical Expenses that are covered by Medicare, private health insurance, a statutory insurance scheme such as worker’s compensation or which can only be covered by Medicare or a registered health insurer, or that We are otherwise prohibited from covering at law, such as Medicare ‘gaps’.

b) for treatment that takes place later than 365 days after the Injury unless the delay is on the advice of a registered medical doctor or dentist.

c) more than that 85% of relevant Medical Expenses up to the maximum Medical Expenses benefit which is shown in the Certificate of Insurance of the amount spent.

d) more than the Medical Expenses benefit set out in the Certificate of Insurance for any one Injury


Medical Expenses means the costs of:

a) an ambulance;

b) hospital accommodation and theatre fees;

c) orthotics, splints and prosthesis;

d) treatment given by a registered dentist or Medical Practitioner; or

e) if given on the advice of a Medical Practitioner treatment given by a chiropractor; masseur, naturopath, osteopath or physiotherapist


Medical Practitioner means a legally qualified and registered medical practitioner who is not an Insured Person or their relative and who is acting within the scope of their registration and pursuant to the relevant laws.





 Australian Futsal Association Child Protection Policy and Risk Management


To apply for a Bluecard in Queensland please email or call Ian West -

ianw@australianfutsal.com, 07 3270 2777 he will email you the information needed.

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